Hazelmere Special House Tea

Hazelmere Special House Tea


Dimbula District, Sri Lanka

Black Teas

Season: January - March season

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Hazelmere Special House Tea comes from an estate which was first planted in 1887 and has been producing tea ever since. The teas are all hand plucked starting early each morning and stopping before the heat of the midday sun. The leaves are then transported to the factory where the leaves are processed by the traditional orthodox method.

The Estate is set at 4,500 feet in the famous central tea growing area of Sri Lanka overlooked by Adam's Peak, a beautiful and religiously important mountain, famous for its colourful butterflies, incredible views to the coast and Buddha's foot print on the summit! The estate is superbly run. The social, economic and medical needs of the workers are fully met and the professionalism of the tea superintendent is second to none.

 We are passionate about only buying in the quality dry season, ( January to March), so the flavours in the leaf are exacerbated due to the lack of moisture and restricted growth which then produces a wonderfully complex, richer tasting tea. All the teas from Sri Lanka have to meet the highest standards of quality before they can be exported with levels of pesticides being extremely carefully controlled and monitored. Sri Lanka produces some of the cleanest teas in the World.

 Dorothy has had the pleasure of visiting this estate twice and each visit has served to re-confirm her commitment to choosing this tea for you.

The small dark brown leaf has a wonderfully evocative smell of the inside of the tea factory where it is so skilfullly made. The wet leaf opens to a dark brown lustre with a rich grape and woody smell and produces a liquor of a deep coppery red hue. The flavour is bright and rounded with a rich depth,slight floral overtones and thirst quenching finish. Brunswick is sophisticated and smooth enough to be taken on its own yet bold enough to be taken with food and enjoyed all day.

Savoury meals. Cheese. English breakfast. This tea is especially delicious with Hazelmere Damson Conserve as a delicious treat smeared generously on a scone or toast.

By the cup using an infuser: - 2.5g / 1 tsp / 200ml / 100c/ 3-5 minutes.

By the tea pot: Warm the pot. Allow 1 teaspoon/ 2.5g per person and one for the pot. Heat freshly drawn water to boiling point and pour briskly over the leaves. Stir and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser, teapot and strainer.

Tea leaves and buds.