Uruwala Estate

Uruwala Estate

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Ruhana, Sri Lanka

Black Teas

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Sri Lanka, the beautiful tear shaped island situated off the south coast of India, has 7 distinct tea growing districts. Each district produces a tea with a character particular to the terrior of the region.
Uruwala Estate is situated in the Ruhana tea growing district in the south of  Sri Lanka.The land here lies at a low elevation, between sea level and only 2,000 feet, and the climate is humid and warm. Tea grows all year round and due to the high levels of sunlight (and therefore photosynthesis), and the lighter pressure rolling in traditional rollers, the leaf produced is large and long with a deep black sheen. 
Most of the land in Ruhana is owned by local farmers with small holdings who sell their freshly picked green tea leaves to either goverment or privately owned factories. 
Uruwala is a privately owned family estate who have invested in their factory over the years and encourage the local farmers to supply the green leaf for manufacture and thereby provide an income for local people.
Uruwala Estate, established in 1920 and having remained in the same family ownership ever since, has a reputation for the highest quality tea by ensuring the raw green tea leaves that are brought from within a 25-50 kilometre distance of the factory are of the highest quality. This attention to quality ensures the finished tea is of the best quality and the small holders receive a good price for their raw leaf. 
A  truly delicious, characterful tea which is smooth with a hint of honey. Great drunk after dinner without milk.

The beautiful, big, black, bold and tightly twisted O.P. leaf omits a rich, malty aroma with hints of oak. On steeping the leaves unfurl to produce a liquor of light coppery red hue with a juicy fruityness, hints of honey and a lingering thirst quenching dryness. The tea is smooth, mellow and flavoursome offering a "light" but superbly characterful tea.

The delicious honey notes in this tea lend themselves to pairing with desserts, hot buttered toast or try as a base for tea cocktails or mocktails.

By the cup using an infuser: - 2.5g / 1  tsp / 200ml / 98c/ 3-5 minutes.

By the tea pot: Warm the pot.  Allow 1 tsp/ 2.5g per person and one for the pot. Heat freshly drawn water to boiling point and pour briskly over the leaves. Stir and leave for 3-5 minutes.

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