3 Months

A three month global tea journey of sipping delight! If the recipient loves a good brew, but perhaps isn't yet ready to commit to one of our longer subscriptions, this is the package for them!


6 Months

This is our most popular gift package! With 6 months of Dorothy's Teas, the recipient will get to taste plenty of tea flavours and varieties from all around the world. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to globe-trot with their tastebuds.


12 Months

If there's a tea enthusiast in your life who just can't resist a brew, this is the gift package for them. This is a year-long tea experience, which will take the recipient across the planet on a tea-drinking, tea-tasting, tea-brewing journey like no other.


How It Works


Choose which tea subscription gift option you would like to give and complete the checkout process.


The lucky receiver then redeems your gift and waits to receive their special selection of teas, hand-picked each month by Dorothy.


They can then sit back, relax and enjoy an extraordinary selection of different premium loose-leaf teas every day.