How to brew & store your tea

Step 1

Use freshly drawn water, preferably filtered, that has not been boiled previously. For quantities of water, a common rule of thumb is to use 2.5g - 3g to 200ml of water but always check the brewing instructions to make sure. However, there are some exceptions.

Step 2

The two Ts of brewing are time and temperature and they're really important to remember if you want the perfect cup of tea. Different types of tea should be brewed for different times and at different temperatures; if in doubt, always check on the back of the packet. After the leaves have steeped for the correct time remove them completely otherwise the tea can become bitter. Milk and sugar can be added to black teas as desired. Re-infuse accordingly if brewing other types.

Step 3

Remember, this is your cup of tea and you will soon learn how you like it. If you like your tea lighter use less leaf if you like your tea stronger use more leaf. The two Ts are the main rules to follow, the rest is up to you to discover and enjoy.

Dorothy's Brewing Tips
Dorothy's Brewing Tips

In China, black tea is known as red tea.

China is the birthplace of tea drinking and every type of tea is produced in China. Chinese tea production started in 2737BC and they've been perfecting the art ever since.

You can often reinfuse!

You may be able to re-infuse your tea - check on the back of the packet.

Dorothy's Brewing Tips
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