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• Tea Musings •

Tea Making in Scotland

Beverly Wainwright runs the Scottish Tea Factory which is situated between Comrie and Crieff in the beautiful county of Perthshire, Scotland. Dorothy had the immense pleasure of joining her on a delightful sunny morning in September to start a 2-day, one to one course of picking and making tea!

Dorothy Chats with Phyu Thwe, Founder of the Five Trees Tea Garden and Mogok Tea Company

Dorothy chats with Phyu Thwe, the founder of Mogok Tea, is a native of the Mogok region in Myanmar. Phyu came to Britain to train as an accountant and as her life in London took on the trappings of a wealthy Western lifestyle see looked to her small family village where life was harsh and decided, rather than giving up her life in London, how she could help her village and family from England.

Tea Meditation Guide

The purpose of our tea meditation guide is to help release the mind of day-to-day clutter and worries by focussing on one simple task – preparing a cup of tea.