Vanilla Rooibos

Vanilla Rooibos

Naturally Caffeine Free

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Rooibos is made from a bushy shrub (latin name aspalathus linearis), which grows in a small area in the Cedarberg Mountains, north of Cape Town, South Africa. It is the national drink of South Africa where it is served much like a black tea ( camellia sinensis), with the addition of milk and sugar or lemon slices.

Rooibos(also known as red bush), is extremely versatile, healthy and is easily complimented by additional flavourings. The addition of vanilla gives the drink a rich indulgent taste which is especially satisfying at bed time, especially as rooibos is entirely caffeine free. Try adding milk or infuse in milk ( or any dairy alternative), for a super comforting drink which is also loaded with anti-oxidants.

Vanilla rooibos is also great used in recipes. For an unusual pannacotta infuse the milk and cream with vanilla rooibos before starting the recipe  -not only will the dessert taste deliciously rich and different but it will be a lovely unusual colour. Top with dark chocolate shavings or sit in a pool of strawberry compote when serving to create an indulgent dessert.

For a vanilla rooibos milk shake make a concentrate of vanilla rooibos, ( half the quantity of water to weight), and then add to chilled milk and whizz. A dollop of ice cream will create an even creamier and delicious drink.

The glossy red needle - like pieces of rooibos omit a delicious rich vanilla smell overlaid with the distinct and warming smell of rooibos. On steeping the infusion takes on a deep red colour with a taste of creamy vanilla complimented by the distinct gentle woody spiciness and nutty notes of rooibos. Vanilla rooibos can be drunk with the addition of milk or dairy alternatives to produce an even creamier and indulgent drink. Vanilla rooibos is caffeine free so it is an ideal bedtime drink especially with the addition of milk. Vanilla rooibos can also be taken hot or cold.

Delicious drunk on its own but also try drinking with fruity desserts or creamy puddings.

2.5g/1tsp in 200ml at 100c for 5 minutes, preferably 10 minutes.

Infusion Accessories

Brew by the cup using a tea infuser or brew using a strainer and teapot.

Rooibos leaves and twigs, vanilla bits, vanilla flavouring.