7 Unique Types of Tea You May Not Have Known Existed

7 Unique Types of Tea You May Not Have Known Existed

Ask anyone here in the UK and they’ll tell you that our country is known to love tea. They’ll be right, too - daily, we collectively drink over 165 million cups! But do we really know tea? Test your knowledge with these seven types of tea from around the world you may not have known existed.

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is one of many types of tea found in China. Produced in many different compressed shapes this tea has a long history, possibly dating back as far as the 7th century - and the best part? The older the tea, the better the taste! Known in China for its ability to aid digestion and promote good gut health this earthy tasting beverage is perfect for unwinding after dinner on an evening. Its mellow overtones perfectly compliment snuggling up in blankets on chilly Sunday afternoons, making the ultimate hot drink.

Butter Tea

Butter tea, or po cha, is a brick tea from Pemagul, Tibet. Traditionally churned with rancid yak butter, barley flour and salt. It sounds like an odd combination, but the soothing, balmy texture is like nothing you’ve ever had before. 

Said to have numerous health benefits, butter tea can give you a handy energy boost to get you through the day. To create this buttery brew for yourself, you can use a blender, a smoky black tea, butter and milk.

Cha Yen

Cha yen is iced tea from Thailand. Iced tea might sound familiar, but think again, because this iced tea is completely different - but still totally delicious, of course! Strongly brewed, this sweet treat is served with lashings of sugar, star anise, yellow food colouring  and condensed milk, giving it a rich yet sugary flavour that will bring you right back for more. Though not the healthiest option, cha yen is yet more proof that tea is the most versatile drink out there!


Mistakenly called ‘chai tea’, which means ‘tea tea’, chai is a rich milk tea from India. It is infused with fragrant spices such as star anise, cardamom and cinnamon, making it simply exquisite in flavour. Other commonly used spices include ginger, pepper and cloves. Since tea is so popular, you will find tea stands everywhere, and you’ll definitely struggle to resist the urge to try every tea on the market. If you ever drop by India, get yourself a cuppa or five before you leave!


Naturally caffeine free, rooibos (meaning ‘red bush’) is a South African infusion possessing a full bodied, nutty flavour. If tea isn’t your thing, rooibos will most certainly do the trick! The sweetness of the infusion and the lack of caffeine makes for a comforting evening drink, tasting phenomenal whether it be hot or cold. So if you’re looking for a hot drink without being awake all night, rooibos is almost certainly your best bet! As well as the accessible and family-friendly flavour, the red-tinted colour of the infusion makes for a beautiful and appetising appearance. On top of that, it’s jam-packed full of antioxidants and is believed to alleviate abdominal pain as well as other ailments.

White Tea

Though you may already have heard of black, green and oolong tea, this uncommonly known tea derives from the same Camellia sinensis plant. Only the finest leaves and buds are carefully selected before being dried.The leaves produce a sweet, honey-like flavour and are accompanied by the appearance of a luxurious golden brew - it’s like drinking liquid gold! Refreshing and revitalizing, white tea is the least processed of all teas! White tea is also packed full of health benefits including anti-ageing properties and some cite even sun protection. Not to mention, this tea is totally vegan friendly since it is drunk without milk. Definitely give it a try!

Yellow Tea

Rare and expensive, this tea takes extreme skill to produce. Passed down from generation to generation, the ability to make yellow tea requires real expertise and knowledge to preserve it’s one-of-a-kind sweetness. The processing of this tea is extremely intricate as there is always a risk of spoiling the flavour which remains in very high demand.  In fact, this tea is so rare that ‘counterfeit’ green tea is sold as yellow tea on the market! Yellow tea possesses similar health benefits to green tea in that it is packed with anti-oxidants. So, if you can’t stand the leafy taste of green tea but want those lovely nutritional benefits, yellow tea is the tea for you!

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