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Tiny Temple


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Green tea has been made in Myanmar for centuries but it was only for local consumption and of a poor quality, so to produce green tea of such quality as Tiny Temple was extraordinary and down to just one person’s determination. Phyu, an accountant in London, wanted to help her village in a way which is sustainable and environmentally friendly and developed the Five Trees Tea Garden, naming it after 5 banyan trees that grow close by. She has provided work and security for 12 villagers and their families who work alongside nature, growing the tea with great care and producing it in a small factory that Phyu built in the village. This green tea is named after the tiny temples which are dedicated to the tree spirits and are placed under the 5 banyan trees.

 Tiny Temple green tea is organically grown, collected by hand from trees that are left to grow naturally and are  not heavily pruned as on large commercial plantations. This means that the trees grow spindlier with tiny leaves and that the pluckers have to travel further distances to collect a basket of leaves. However, this commercial inconvenience is far outweighed by the quality of leaf produced. By working alongside nature, a tea of exceptional quality is able to be made. Tea quality starts in the garden.  Hygiene is of the highest importance at the 5 Trees Tea Garden. Pluckers wear gloves when picking the leaves and the colourful plucking baskets are cloth lined to protect the leaves. Once back at the little tea factory the leaves are panned (heated), for 5 to 10 minutes and then rolled in a homemade roller to tease out all the delicious flavours. The tea is finally dried in the sun. A truly artisanal tea of amazing quality reflecting the care it was made with and the respect for nature shown by Phyu  and the villagers.  

The beautifully twisted, extra-long leaves are a mixture of silver-green buds and charcoal-green leaves. The wet leaf breathes suggestions of sweet papaya and the liquor brews a golden straw colour with delicate floral and citrus aromas. In the mouth the tropical fruit notes are gently repeated with a bright, lively flavour and citrus undertones. On sipping it is utterly apparent the care with which this tea has been made – it is stunning!

Delicious on its own or pair with a light green salad or try with a tropical fruit salad.

2.5g to 200 ml of water at 70c for 3 minutes. Multiple brews can be made.

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Brew by the cup using an infuser or brew using a teapot and strainer.

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