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Gunpowder green tea is named after its appearance which was thought to resemble the lead shot used in muskets. The name, as is sometimes erroneously thought, has nothing to do with the flavour!

The production of gunpowder tea dates from the Tang Dynasty (618 - 906), and although it was originally grown in Zhejiang Province it is now grown in many different provinces. It is a later harvested tea ( after the spring harvest), and is made of later season leaves. Traditionally the leaves were rolled by hand but are now made in specially designed machines. The leaves are tumbled in cylindrical drums which have paddles inside, twisting and turning the leaves until the desired gunpowder shape is achieved. 

Both the shape and the stronger flavour of the tea meant it was ideal for export via long sea journeys and was one of the first teas to be introduced into Europe and America in the 17th century. Gunpowder is still mostly exported and very little is consumed in China. Many tea farmers after the spring harvest turn to producing gunpowder tea and so there are many different styles and grades.The size of the pellet is determined by the original leaf size before making and the gunpowder at Dorothy's Teas is a small grade known as pinhead or Temple of Heaven - hence the name!

Gunpowder green tea has for centuries served as the base for mint teas in North Africa and the Middle East. Temple of Heaven is the grade we use at Dorothy's Teas when we blend our own Moroccan mint tea. 

The small rolled pellets of tea are a glossy sage green and omit a vegetal and slightly smoky aroma. On brewing the little pellets of tea gradually open to reveal a greeny light brown liquor with an enticing aroma of mildly charred vegetables. On sipping the flavour is also one of deliciously charred vegetables with a refreshing astringency and gentle smokiness. A well known classic green tea.

Cheese. Stir fried vegetables. Smoked fish

Infuse 3g  in 200 ml of water at 85 c for 2-3 minutes. Strain and add more water for 2 further infusions. 

Infusion Accessories

By the cup using an infuser, or using a teapot and strainer, or a gaiwan.

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