Temi Estate

Temi Estate

SFTGFOP 1 1st Flush

Sikkim, North India

Black Teas

Season: 1st flush

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Nestling on the eastern side of the Himalayas, just north of Darjeeling, is India’s second smallest state, Sikkim. The misty climate and altitude make for ideal tea growing conditions. The hand-plucked tea is carefully produced by the quality orthodox method, and the 1st flush (harvested during early spring), has a unique taste and aroma. Here at Dorothy’s Teas, Temi is one of our go-to teas for afternoons and evenings. Tea from Sikkim is very often overlooked as the area is little known, and yet the geographical closeness to Darjeeling gives the tea all those wonderful Darjeeling flavours, plus a distinctive complexity with a full-bodied, deliciously sweet flavour.

The tightly curled dark brown leaves, flecked with olive and gold, have a mildly floral, muscatel aroma. Once infused, the leaves unfurl to yield a deep rich amber cup, with mild malty notes and a delicate spice flavour, Darjeeling muscatel overtones and a delicious honey finish. This is a fabulously complex tea, from a little-known tea growing area in northern India.

White fish and meats. Afternoon tea.

By the cup using an infuser: 2.5g / 1 level teaspon / 200ml /100c/ 3-5 minutes.
By the tea pot: Warm the pot. Allow 1 tsp per person/ 2.5g and one for the pot. Heat freshly drawn water to boiling point and pour briskly over the leaves. Stir and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser, teapot and strainer.

Tea leaves and buds.