Supreme White Peony

Supreme White Peony

Bai mudan. Pai mu tan

Fujian Province, China

White Tea

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White tea is the least processed of all types of tea, and although it originates in Fujian Province, China, white tea is now grown around the World. The leaves are plucked in spring when they are at their most tender, and then withered, during which time the leaves naturally turn a beautiful gray green due to the very light oxidisation that takes place. The leaves are then finally dried, either in the sun or by being placed on platforms over which hot air is blown. There are 3 types of white tea: silver needle, (the bud only), shou mei (a mixture of buds and lower grade leaves), and White Peony (the bud and first 2 leaves), which is also known locally as bai mudan. White tea derives its name from the downy silver-white covering, (pekoe), that grows on the unopened buds.

The soft, plump needle tips and small, young leaves, which are sage green on one side and pale with fine silvery leaves on the other, have a delicate and sweet hay-like aroma. On infusion the cup brews a pale yellow colour, with a flowery aroma yielding a plush fruity flavour, with subtle melon overtones. The lingering finish is sweet and smooth, with a hint of nuttiness. Packed with up to 30% more anti-oxidant polyphenols than black or green teas, White Peony is extremely healthy as well as light and delicate.

So delicate as to be drunk without food, or with light cakes.

3g / 2 heaped tsps/ 200ml / 80-85°C / 2-3 mins. Re-infuse 2 more times.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser, teapot and strainer, gaiwan.

Tea leaves and buds.