Supreme Genmaicha

Supreme Genmaicha

Honshu Island, Japan

Green Teas

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The delicious savoury roasted aroma and pleasant toasty flavour of Genmaicha are due to the magical marriage of bancha tea, to which approximately 50% roasted and popped brown rice grains have been added. Genmaicha is reputed to have evolved out of necessity, as poor Japanese farmers eked out their precious tea with a commodity that was plentiful - rice. The sugars and starch from the rice gave a sense of fullness, enabling longer working hours between meals, and was also drunk to provide sustenance for monks whilst fasting. At Dorothy's Teas, genmaicha is our go-to green tea for winter cheering or cosy sipping. Comforting, satisfying and super healthy too!

The broad green bancha tea leaves, mixed with toasted brown rice, some of which have popped like baby popcorn, have a comforting toasty aroma. On infusion, the tea brews a pale lime green colour with a little cloudiness, and produces a cup with very little astringency and an inviting, nutty caramel note, perfectly balanced by the grassy bancha notes. A harmonious delight!

Great on a cold day at breakfast taken alongside buttery toast or creamy porridge.

3g/ 1 tsp/ 200ml/ 85°C. Steep for 2 minutes. Can be infused once more.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser, teapot/glass teapot and strainer, kyusu.

Tea leaves and popped and roasted rice.