Shawlands Estate

Shawlands Estate


Uva, Sri Lanka

Black Teas

Season: August & September

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Sri Lanka has two distinct seasons for the production of tea, determined by the island’s weather pattern. Seasonal monsoons drench the land on each side of the country’s central mountain range at different times of the year. The dry seasons in each area slow the growth and exacerbate the flavour in the new leaves, producing extraordinary seasonal teas. At Dorothy’s Teas, we are passionate about these teas, due to their unique flavours and exceptional quality. During the eastern dry season, the drying Cachan winds blow in from the east, which allows the production of the famous and highly sought after seasonal Uva teas. This tea is skilfully made at midnight, as the cool temperature is ideal for developing the volatile flavour oils. Shawlands is a stunning example of a seasonal Uva tea.

The dark brown, evenly twisted leaves release rich notes of dried fruit and spices. The deep amber infusion reveals the same aromas, with gentle woody overtones, and subtle minty and mellow citrus fruit notes. The taste is complex, with flavours of gentle mint, warm wood, delicate flowers, with a pleasant and refreshing light astringency, which lingers on the tongue. A superb example of a classic, extremely well made Uva.

Lamb. Chocolate. Ice cream. Fruit and fruit salad.

By the cup using an infuser: - 2.5g / 1 tsp / 200ml / 100c/ 3-5 minutes.
By the tea pot: Warm the pot. Allow 1 tsp/ 2.5g per person and one for the pot. Heat freshly drawn water to boiling point and pour briskly over the leaves. Stir and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Infusion Accessories

By the cup using a tea infuser, or using a teapot and strainer.

Tea leaves and buds.