Park Estate

Park Estate

Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka

Green Teas

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Park Estate is located near the little town of Nuwara Eliya in central Sri Lanka. The estate sits at an elevation of 6,500 feet making it the highest garden producing green tea in Sri Lanka. The air is cool and misty and the soil rich producing excellent teas for which this region is so famous.  Sri Lanka is known for producing some of the cleanest teas in the World.

Each morning the tea leaves are picked and then rolled before being dried, capturing all the fresh green tea flavours and goodness. Black tea was first commercially grown over 150 years ago in Sri Lanka however producing green tea is a comparatively new venture for the growers. The country also now produces some excellent white as well green teas

The distinctly large rolled leaves, some small ball shaped and some more loosely twisted, are a mixture of sage and lime green colours. On brewing the leaves unfurl to show a full leaf yielding a very pale green liquor which is light and refreshing with mild cut grass notes and no astringency. An easy drinking delicious green tea!

Great with cheese or try as a breakfast green tea with cereals or toast.

3g /1tsp in 200ml of water brewed at 70c for 3 minutes. Steep 2 more times or until the flavour has gone.

Infusion Accessories

Brew using a tea infuser or teapot and strainer.

Tea leaves and tea buds