Lullaby Kiss

Lullaby Kiss

Naturally Caffeine Free

Gathered from around the globe

Fruit and Herbal Infusions

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Lullaby Kiss is a hand blended infusion created and packed at Dorothy's Teas. The combination of ingredients are especially chosen not only for their delicious taste but for their purported health benefits in aiding sleep, settling the tummy, easing stress and calming the mind. 

Camomile has been known for centuries for its calming properties and its ability to relax and comfort. Lemon verbena is a fragrant sedative that settles the stomach and aids digestion and has been used for many years to soothe anxiety and alleviate insomnia. Bay leaves and fennel seeds are known to calm indigestion as well as releasing an aromatic fragrance which is calming and soothing. Cheering yellow marigold petals are good for easing digestive distress and the lemon peel brings Vitamin C and a delicious taste balance to the infusion. Cinnamon finally adds a warming spiciness that compliments the rest of the ingredients.

Lullaby Kiss is the perfect infusion to gently lull you to sleep.

The infusion is a colourful mixture of whole yellow camomile flowers, fennel seeds, golden marigold flowers, green lemon verbena leaves and pieces of bay leaf interspersed with lemon peel. The aroma is aromatic and soothing. On steeping the infusion takes on a rich honey colour with a mild spicy smell. The taste is smooth with delicate spice notes, a little fruitiness and a lingering comforting sweetness. An ambrosial fusion of nature's ingredients know for their calming and relaxing properties to aid sleep and ease away stress.

Lullaby Kiss is delicious drunk after a meal to aid digestion and to relax and calm - especially on an evening. But it is also delicious drunk with a fruit dessert such as apple or plum and also would pair well with chicken.

3 g /1 heaped tsp to 200 ml of water at 100 c.  Steep for 5, preferably 10  minutes.

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Brew using a tea infuser or teapot and strainer.

Fennel seeds, camomile flowers, lemon verbena, lemon peel, bay leaves, marigold flowers, cinnamon. Naturally Caffeine Free.