Loose Shou Puerh

Loose Shou Puerh

cooked, ripened, black Puerh

Yunnan, China

Puerh Tea

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There are two types of Puerh tea: Shou (cooked), and sheng (raw), which both go through a process similar to green tea until the aging stage. Dorothy was first introduced to Puerh many years ago by a Chinese friend, who spoke of his childhood experiences of wealthy families fleeing Communist Canton with nothing other than their most valued posessions, including their prized puerhs. Shou is a 1970s innovation whereby the leaves are exposed to rapid fermentation over 2 months to speed up the ageing process. The details for this process are still kept a secret. In South China, puerh is drunk with meals as it believed to aid digestion and help to reduce cholesterol.

The tightly twisted dark brown leaves, scattered with a few golden tips, have a comforting leather like scent. The tea brews a deep dark bronze colour, with leather and autumn woodland aromas, giving way to a sweet flavour, no astringency and a delicious earthiness. With repeat infusions the tea mellows, but still retains the distintive earthy Puerh flavour. Can be re-infused up to 5 times adding 10 seconds thereafter. Requires rinsing initially to open up the flavours by pouring boiling water over the leaf and then discarding the water immediately.

Great with rich savoury dishes or especially fabulous with dark chocolate. Also try with stilton or blue cheeses.

4g / 1 teaspoon / 200ml of boiling water for a few seconds, and pour away. 2 minutes for the first brew, adding 10 seconds every time thereafter. Re-infuse up to 5 times.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser, teapot and strainer, gaiwan.

Tea leaves and buds.