Lingia Estate

Lingia Estate

TGFOP 1st Flush

Darjeeling, North India

Black Teas

Season: First Flush

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Situated in the district of Darjeeling, Lingia is one of 86 gardens hugging the beautiful slopes of the misty Himilayan foothills. Lingia was established in 1867 by two German brothers, who initially worked as missionaries. There was a huge financial incentive to find an alternative source for tea, separate from the costly monopoly which the Chinese held on the supply of tea, which led to entrepreneurial planters searching for new countries where they could grow tea. Darjeeling proved to be an exceptional location. The unique combination of the perfect terrain, frequent cloudy periods which protected the plants from the high altitude and sunlight, the misty monsoon season, and a light breeze which cooled the air, meant that unique teas of an exceptional quality were able to be produced. 

First flush is the first picking of the year. The tea bushes are awakened from their winter dormancy by the first rains and warming spring sunshine in early March, just when the leaves are packed with stored flavours. Known as the "champagne of teas", Darjeelings are especially sought after for their unique muscatel and floral character, with first flush teas being especially fresh and aromatic.  Lingia Estate is certified as 100% bio-dynamic, operates its own hydro power plant, and provides free education, medical care and housing for all its workers.                   

Interestingly for a black tea, these medium sized leaves are a mixture of different green colours, flecked with some silver buds which release an aroma of sweet hay and flowers. The infusion is satisfyingly lively, with the typical muscatal flavour, grapefruit overtones, and some floral notes. This is a beautifully balanced Darjeeling, perfect for afternoon enjoyment or after dinner sipping.

Cakes. Desserts. Chicken. White fish. Afternoon tea

By the cup using an infuser: - 2.5g / 1  tsp / 200ml / 100c/ 3-5 minutes.

By the tea pot: Warm the pot.  Allow 1 tsp/ 2.5g per person and one for the pot. Heat freshly drawn water to boiling point and pour briskly over the leaves. Stir and leave for 3-5 minutes.

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Brew by the cup using an infuser or a teapot and strainer

Tea leaves and buds