Idulgashenna Estate

Idulgashenna Estate

Uva, Sri Lanka

Green Teas

Season: February/March and August seasons

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Dorothy first discovered this estate on one of her trips to Sri lanka and instantly fell in love with the beauty of the landscape and the care with which the tea is made. Idulgashenna Estate sits high in the Southern Uva Highlands, a remote region which is reached by steep winding roads that ribbon back and forth along the hillsides. The misty Shangri - la like quality of the beautiful countryside can almost be tasted in the clean bright , subtly earthy green tea from this estate which is produced organically and bio-dynamically. The land is all community owned with some of the hand plucked tea fields touching 6000 feet in height.

Sri Lanka has always been known for producing quality black teas but within the last 2 decades a number of estates in the mid - grown and high grown districts have turned to producing different green teas of exceptional quality. Even before coffee rust had wiped out the coffee plantations experimenting with growing green tea had been attempted as early as 1842 using China seedlings and Chinese tea makers. However the cost of £5 to produce one pound of tea proved even too costly for a Mr. M. Worms, a member of the Rothschild Dynasty, who attempted the experiment on 2 of his estates in Ramboda and Pussallewa! Now both Japanese and Chinese tea-making methods are used; Idulgashenna is of a Chinese type. By the way Idulgashenna can be spelt many different ways I have chosen this way as that is how the estate spells it.

The long thin kaki green and brown leaves, interspersed with paler leaves, exude a earthy hay aroma. On infusion the leaves open to a green olive colour yielding a pale straw coloured liquor with a sweet vegetal smell. The flavour is clean and bright with a vegetal greeness and a subtle peaty taste, There is a refreshing, clean quality at the end of the sip delicately reminiscent of mandarins.

Seafood. Green vegetables. Dark and smoked meats. Whisky desserts.

3g/ 1 tsp/ 200ml/ 85°C. Steep for 2 -3 minutes. Can be infused infused 2 more times.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser or teapot and strainer, gaiwan.

Tea leaves and buds.