Golden Turmeric Burst

Golden Turmeric Burst

Naturally caffeine free

Gathered from around the globe

Fruit and Herbal Infusions

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A whopping 45% of this delicious infusion is bursting with large golden slices of super healthy turmeric, enhanced with ginger and cinnamon pieces for a pleasant spiciness, aniseed for sweetness, and cocoa shells for a little tartness. For centuries, especially in Asia, turmeric has been hailed for its health properties, as well as being used as an ingredient in cooking and even as a cloth dye. Curcumin, the yellow pigment found in turmeric, is a health powerhouse, delivering many purported benefits, including strong anti-oxidant properties, and an ability to reduce chronic inflammation. At Dorothy’s Teas we love serving this infusion chilled, or as a base for dark rum cocktails! Completely free from added flavourings or sugar.

The large slithers of turmeric, interspersed with ginger pieces, aniseed, cinnamon chunks and cocoa shells, have an enticing aroma of dried ginger, with subtle aniseed and cinnamon overtones. The slightly cloudy infusion is a cheering sunshine yellow, and yields a strong cinnamon flavoured infusion with a hint of ginger and turmeric, rounded off with a sweet aniseed finish.

Dairy desserts or on its own

4g / 1 tsp / 200ml 100c / 5 minutes,and ideally 10 minutes. Cold brew: 4g 200ml of cold water overnight in the fridge. Sieve and enjoy over ice.

Infusion Accessories

Tea infuser or teapot and strainer

Turmeric slices, ginger pieces, aniseed, cocoa shells, cinnamon bits. All from organic cultivation