Ginger and Green

Ginger and Green

Sri Lanka

Green Teas

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Flavouring and scenting is a centuries-old practice. Scenting occurs when the finished tea is exposed to a desired scent (such as jasmine), and flavouring is when the flavour is physically added to the tea. Some of the most famous teas in the world are flavoured, such as Earl Grey or Masala chai. Ginger and Green is a green tea, flavoured with chunks of 100% natural root ginger, grown and blended in Sri Lanka for Dorothy's Teas. The variety of ginger that is grown in Sri Lanka is especially aromatic, with a fabulous spicy flavour; we love how well balanced and full flavoured this tea is. Ginger is well known for its medicinal and reviving properties, and coupled with the super healthy green tea, is a great hot winter drink to ward off colds, or equally delicious served chilled for summer sipping.

The large, well curled green leaves are interspersed with chunky pieces of natural ginger, emitting a deliciously warming aroma of spicy ginger. On infusion, the tea opens to show very large green leaves, producing a deep copper coloured cup and a sweet ginger smell. The taste is a delightfully balanced flavour of smooth sweet ginger, and a slight green tartness. The tea has a smooth full mouthfeel, with no astringency, and finishes with a delightful lingering warmth.

Cheese, ice cream, apple pie, apricots, pineapple.

3g / 1 tsp/  200ml / 80°C. Steep for 2 minutes. Can be re-infused 2 more times.

Infusion Accessories

Brew using a cup and infuser or brew using a teapot and strainer

Tea leaves and buds. Natural dried ginger root grown in Sri Lanka