Black Ruby

Black Ruby

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This tea is very special not only in taste but how and why it is made. It is extremely rare to find a black tea being made in Myanmar and it is only through one person’s determination, Phyu Thwe, that this tea is produced. Phyu is an accountant in London and in order to help her home village in a  financially sustainable and environmentally friendly way she nurtured and developed the 5 Trees Tea Estate in 2019 calling her company Mogok after the region her village is in. She has provided work and security for 12 villagers and their families who, working alongside nature, produces organic tea of an exceptionally high-quality. Mogok produce 3 types of tea: black, green and white – all are stunning. 

Myanmar is well known for its exquisite rubies and Mogok is a major mining region. The name Black Ruby is a poignant reminder that one of the major priorities of Phyu’s  is to work in harmony with nature diverting employment away from destructive and dangerous mining. The village’s future is now environmentally sustainable. Please take time to enjoy this tea – it is special in so many ways.

The extremely long, beautiful, gently curled leaves are a rich dark brown interspersed with golden fawn-coloured tips. The tea steeps an exquisite golden bronze colour breathing aromas of brown sugar and fruitiness. On sipping the flavour is complex and rich with a natural sweetness and a hint of deliciously lingering clementine in the finish . The mouthfeel is satisfyingly full-bodied.

Black Ruby is so delicious it deserves to be drunk on its own or try with a light cake such as a Victoria sponge.

2.5g / 1 heaped teaspoon in 200 ml of water brewed at 90c for 3 minutes. Steep once more

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Brew by the cup using an infuser or brew using a teapot and strainer.

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