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Dorothy s teas tea meditation guide

Mindful Tea Moment

At Dorothy’s Teas, we understand the importance of mindfulness and the role it plays in maintaining a healthy and peaceful mind. It is often hard to find the time for mindful moments in our busy lives; with work, family life and everything else taking place of a moment's peace.

The purpose of this tea meditation guide is to help release the mind of day-to-day clutter and worries by focussing on one simple task – preparing a cup of tea. 

Try practicing this easy 10 minute meditation every day for one week, and see how it influences your mental-health and wellbeing.

10 Minute Tea Meditation 

1. Pour water of the correct brewing temperature slowly over your tea or infusion of choice.

2. Listen closely to the sound of the flowing water bubbling into your cup/pot. 

3. Watch the colour of the water change and deepen. 

4. Wait the recommended brewing time then strain. 

5. Smell the aroma – what scents can you distinguish? 

6. Feel the heat of the cup on your hands (making sure it’s not too hot!) 

7. Taste your tea - which flavours can you pick up? 

We hope you enjoyed our quick and effective tea meditation. 

If you wish to share our tea meditation guide with your loved ones, or perhaps would like to keep a copy for yourself, we have created a downloadable PDF that can be enjoyed in any peaceful moment, at any time.

Dorothy Stubley
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