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• Tea Musings •

Lover's Leap - Why does this tea have such an unusual name?

We are often asked why this tea has such an unusual name. As with many teas there is a fascinating back story...not neccesarily true....but always romantic and interesting!

5 Health Benefits Of Tea

Tea has been around for centuries and is enjoyed as a comforting and warming drink. However, what most of us do not realise is how healthy tea is. In Chinese culture tea drinking has been revered for millenniums for its health giving properties. Something the West is just waking up to!

A Guide To Tea Drinking Etiquette

Tea is an indulgence, and sometimes it’s nice to add a little bit of ceremony to drinking your tea. Did you know that there is such a thing as tea drinking etiquette? There are a few general rules which are traditionally adhered to when drinking tea in the UK - such as how to hold your cup, how to stir, and even where to look when you’re drinking tea! Here’s our handy guide to tea drinking etiquette.