Long Jing Hong cha

Long Jing Hong cha

Long Jing, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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Long Jing Cha Hong literally means black Dragon Well tea. This tea is made only in small quantities and is rarely seen outside of China. Whilst this tea comes from the same area as the famous Long Jing green tea and the same cultivar is used, it is totally different in shape and, of course, taste. It is a comparatively modern tea which can be traced back to the 1850s but since this area was renowned only for its  fabulous green teas it remained very much unnoticed, rarely made and kept within the local market. However, recently it has made a resurgance and a few of the Long Jing green tea producers are making this tea alongside their usual green tea production.

This fabulous tea is crafted by master tea makers, Mr and Mrs Weng who we had the pleasure of sitting and taking tea with on our last trip to China. Mrs Weng described how the tea is plucked by hand at the end of April, their second flush, in order to yield the correct balance of taste and aroma. It is gently rolled on a machine and then put in the sun to start to oxidise, placed in a cloth for a while to tease out all he complex flavours and then taken out and left to fully oxidise. The tea is finally baked under what Mrs Weng described as a grill (but we were understanding this through translation so I doubt it is a grill as we know it!) This final baking has to be done very carefully so as not to over bake, but retain the beautiful golden tips which add to the teas amazing floral and sweet -sour flavours. Master Weng has not been producing black tea for very many years and only produces a little each spring as his main market is green Long Jing. However, they were so proud to share this delicious tea with us and generous enough to allow us to buy some to bring home for you to try!

 I am thrilled to be able to share it with you !    

The dark brown leaves with golden flecks at the end are tightly twisted. The aroma is deliciously plummy with a hint of honey.The tea steeps a bright golden amber colour with malty and sweet fruity aromas. The taste is sweet and smooth with a delicious balance between fruity acidity and rich honey and orchid notes. Rare and truly delicious! Origin : Master Tea makers Mr and Mrs Weng, Long Jing, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

The delicious honey notes would suit pairing with desserts or chicken. However, it is such a lovely tea it deserves to be savoured on its own also making it a great after dinner drink.

95c   2.5g /1 tsp  200ml  3 minutes   Can re-steep

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