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Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden

Dhankuta, Nepal / Limited Edition

Black Teas

Season: First Flush

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This amazing tea is a first flush tea from the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden, situated in the Dhankuta region of East Nepal, 65 km west of Darjeeling. The tea is hand plucked in late March and early April. Although geographically Nepal is close to Darjeeling with the same seasonal changes, the1st flush teas from Nepal tend to be more characterful with a fuller flavour.

Jun Chiyabari was set up by 3 people in 2000 after searching for the perfect location.Their aim was to produce the best organic teas possible whilst respecting the people and the land. The garden employs over 200 people, mostly women, from the surrounding poor hill district.The tea is so carefully made that it is finally sorted at the end of production by hand, removing any remaining stalks or stems.

Jun Chiyabari teas are sought after all over the world and are only made in small batches. The leaf is a delight to look at and the tea a pleasure to drink – one of our favourites at Dorothy’s Teas

The tightly curled leaves are a myriad of rich browns interspersed with silver tiny buds. The golden yellow liquor breathes floral notes with delicate fruity overtones. The taste is complex and multi-layered with hints of peach and citrus and suggestions of fresh rose. Unique and special

Jun Chiyabari would pair well with any fruity dessert. It would also be a happy accompaniment to traditional afternoon tea. Alternatively try drinking on its own to enjoy the true joy of this tea. Stunning!

2.5g to 200ml of water at 95c. Steep for 3 minutes.

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Brew by the cup using an infuser or brew using a teapot and strainer.

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