​The World’s Best Tea Festivals/Events And When You Can Go

If you’re reading this, we bet we have something in common… Are you interested in fine tea at all? If you love the flavours and benefits of tea or you work in the industry, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to go to a tea festival!

All the time, all over the world, tea festivals and events are happening. So, we’ve done some digging and found a few of the best in the world, as well as when and where they are! Some of them are UK based and some of them are a lot further afield, such as in the USA and China. Keep reading to find out more.

World Tea Expo

Conference: 8th June - 11th June 2020

Exhibit Hall: 10th June - 11th June 2020

If you’re in the tea business, World Tea Expo, based in Denver, Colorado, will be a great opportunity for you to learn more. 

At the conference, there are talks and workshops for people who work in the tea industry led by experts, such as Tea Business Bootcamp Advanced - Developing A Well-Balanced Tea Business and Tea & Wine: Who Drinks Which And Why.

At the exhibit hall, there are so many brilliant exhibitors from far and wide who can give you inspiration, tips, and samples from everything to do with tea leaves to tea packaging.

Sac Tea Fest

27th June 2020

Sac Tea Fest, based in Sacramento, California, aims to be a joining of communities of tea lovers, showcasing 40 tea-related businesses which will bring you not only outstanding tea, but one-day-only discounts, too. 

At Sac Tea Fest, you’ll be surrounded by like minded tea drinkers, tasting delicious teas. For more information and updates on this year’s Sac Tea Fest, sign up to the mailing list on its website.


5th September - 6th September 2020

While exact plans for this year’s Festeaval - apart from its date and London venue - haven’t yet been confirmed, if last year’s event is anything to go by, you’ll get to sample all different types of tea, from familiar to wacky! Tea experts and businesses will be exhibiting, plus there’ll also be some sweet treats to go with your tea… cake, anyone?

Tea Fair

21st May - 25th May 2020

This tea festival in the Fujian Province of China is a 63,00 square meter home for lovers of tea! It will be split into 6 sections: the Chinese tea area, the teawares area, the tea packaging & design fair, the Taiwanese area, the overseas area, and the new tea beverage industry fair.

With over 1,000 exhibitors, Tea Fair is a wonderful festival for tea buffs to visit, aptly found in Xiamen, which has a long history of tea and is one of the world’s most major tea distributing centres. 

Los Angeles Tea Festival

22nd August - 23rd August 2020

“We invite tea lovers and inquisitive newcomers alike to experience all the possibilities with us.”

2020 marks the 10th annual Los Angeles Tea Festival, where you can expect to find quality teas from every region, plus classes and workshops. This festival attracts over 4,000 people, has over 20 workshops, and over 45 exhibitors.

Families of all ages are welcome at Los Angeles Tea Festival, and you’ll be able to try unique tea pairings, craft tea-infused cocktails, boba, and experience fantastic performances and activities.

Chicago International Tea Festival

31st October - 2nd November 2020

Chicago International Tea Festival is a 3-day festival which showcases the best of global tea through classes, workshops, presentations, competitions, and more. Plus, there are additional activities at the event, such as a Halloween-themed tea party which is suitable for children! 

If you can’t make it, Chicago International Tea Festival offers a package of lectures and demonstration classes that you can watch live or after the festival has finished.

The Global Dubai Tea Forum

29th September - 1st October 2020

You’ll find The Global Dubai Tea Forum at Address Hotel in Dubai Marina and it attracts hundreds of tea producers, merchant exporters, buyers, blenders, machine manufacturers, relevant government officials, and raw material suppliers.

At the festival, all things tea will be talked about, including every aspect of the tea supply chain, sparking debates and discussions on sustainability progress, opportunities, and trends that are shaping the tea industry.

These are just a handful of the best tea festivals in the world, there are so many tea and tea-related events happening all the time. To find out more about tea, take a look around our website, where you’ll find blog posts, tips, and information on how to sign up yourself or a loved one to Dorothy’s Teas loose leaf tea subscription box.

Dorothy Stubley
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